Thunar Circus’ is an unlimited free space. In these multiple faces, we experiment and explore the contemporary circus art. ‘Thunar’ is an unlimited life. All of our actions are connected with our culture in order to let our acrobatics represent the humanity. ‘Thunar Circus’ is also a collective space. Through sharing the works of the contemporary circus art, artists and audiences link together. The image of poem is the power for thinking about the society.

The ‘Thunar Circus’ collaborates different professional artists. We try to discover the multiple styles and the language itself for the contemporary circus and try to create different ways of thinking when seeing the performance.

Here are our missions.

1. The performance and creativity of the Taiwan contemporary circus.
2. Using the concept of the art without walls for outdoor performance.
3. Establishing a platform of contemporary circus in order to promote the performance the circus artists.
4. We try to discover the multiple methods of the acrobatics, such as the video art.
5. For expanding the possibility and the development of the circus art, we try to get chances for overseas cooperation and performance.
6. The concept of the social circus is to educate and experience sharing for the purpose
of educational, psychological and social fuctions.


2018 starts with new creations:

《Kaxabu! A language no longer spoken?》 directed by 林正宗 Cheng-Tsung LIN